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About Me

Personally, I am an older middle-aged woman, married, again, for seven years, with an adult married son and daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren living in a near-by city. I have relatives all across Canada and the U.S. and in England and Israel. I was born and raised, through a number of moves, in western Canada, on the prairies. I came to Toronto for university and have lived here ever since, loving it. I have rented apartments and owned houses here and been a 20-year serious gardener. 

I feel that I've had a great many experiences in my life, both joyful and painful, and, of course, have heard from my patients, as a grateful therapist, about a great many more, all of which contribute to my work, which I also love. I have always been an eager, strong and serious student. In my teaching and supervision, from comments and evaluation forms, I am appreciated for clarity, for presenting structural and contextualizing aspects of the material, and for an interactive, generous and kind approach. I try to relate to both patients and students at a level that is accessible and supportive to them.

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